Brand Building & Marketing

VPE helps brands and organizations connect with new audiences, deepen relationships, and elevate their profile with digital and traditional media. This includes in-person or virtual event marketing and leading multifaceted regional and national campaigns.

As ambicultural experts with deep knowledge of the Latino market, VPE can provide cultural consulting to ensure brands connect authentically with Latino consumers.

We develop outreach materials, website content, and strategic messaging for both new and established organizations. We help launch El Monte Promise Foundation by creating a comprehensive list of materials including logo, website, posters, banners, and more.

We help brands build awareness. VPE worked with the city of La Paz in Baja California, Mexico to increase leisure tourism through a bold, robust, and cutting-edge campaign showcasing La Paz as one of Mexico’s most desirable beach resort and adventure destinations.

We help organizations with recruitment and outreach. VPE developed and launched a multifaceted advertising and public relations campaign to recruit qualified teachers from across the country to join LAUSD.
We leverage our deep knowledge of the Latino market to build authentic connections. VPE directed McDonald’s national Latino initiatives for more than 20 years. We launched and managed McDonald’s Spanish-language platform “Me Encanta” producing compelling, in-language content that resonates with Latino consumers.
We have a pulse on the Latino community and all the markets we serve. We provided expert cultural consulting delivering insight and feedback in the development of Disney-Pixar’s hit film Coco centered on the Mexican Holiday of Dia de los Muertos.